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Classical music with a rock n' roll attitude.

NewOrch is a burgeoning Brooklyn-based symphony orchestra that strives to reflect the way young artists understand and relate to classical music. Founded by a passionate team of international musicians, we draw our inspiration from rock shows, art exhibitions, hip-hop, and all the unconscious influences from our lives here in New York City.

Put another way, an evening with NewOrch is not an evening with your parent's symphony orchestra.


Our concerts are different. Shorter programs, boozy after party, swanky locations, user-friendly experience.

Not just a concert. It's a community gathering around a common, abstract passion. 


3 in 1. You get for one ticket 3 performances. An emerging artist in the beginning of the show, followed by the symphony orchestra and topped of by the afterparty with either a DJ or a band.

Special Thanks

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Meet The Team

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Daniel Zinn

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Louis Arques

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Christine Chen

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