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1st Act // Berrow Duo 

Berrow Duo is the dynamic combination of flute and cello committed to the creation of new works. New York City-based performers Leia Slosberg, flute, and Thea Mesirow, cello, bonded over their desire to push traditional playing boundaries with the incorporation of text and extended techniques in instrumental music. Together, they focus on the promotion of women and femme-identified composers and artists to create new works through close collaboration. Their 2017-2018 season included their international debut in Montreal, QC presented by the Montreal Contemporary Music Lab, as well as a performance presented by Metropolis Ensemble, a weekly pick by I Care if You Listen, a performance as part of New York University’s Music Department Conference in February 2018, and a visit to Baltimore to participate in a multimedia installation. The 2018-2019 season will include a joint curatorship with Aviary Duo at MISE-EN_PLACE, and collaborations for new works with composers Emily Praetorius, James Hamilton Lowrie, AJ Stillabower, and ZongYun We. Berrow Duo is passionate about experimentation, exploration, and the expansion of expression in instrumental music.

Main Event // NewOrch

  1. World premier of Michael Sheelar’s latest work “Tuning”. Commissioned by NewOrch in and effort to change the tradition of tuning the orchestra. Idea being to make every part of the show artistic and expressive.

  2. Antonin Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony “The New World” written and premiered in 1893 in New York


Together with the “American” string quartet, this symphony is one of the most celebrated pieces by the Czech composer, Antonin Dvorak. Whatever maybe the story, whether it’s the local folk music, the bizarre experience of moving to a truly new world of sounds, smells and cuisine, the impression that New York left on Mr. Dvorak, was groundbreaking. 


This Symphony, like many others, has four movements – that is four parts. Like a good show, a symphony puts contrasting movements one after the other so they can accentuate each other, or in other words, so it doesn't become boring. 


Unless otherwise instructed by the composer, the various movements of the symphony are named after the interesting marking in the beginning of the movement. This instruction will tell how fast the piece should be performed and in what general character. Since usually no accurate indication, like a metronome marking, is given- the actual tempo, or speed, is up for interpretation. The movements of the symphony are as follow:


1st movement // Adagio. Allegro Molto

2nd movement // Largo  

3rd movement // Molto vivace                

4th movement  // Allegro con Fuoco         


The names are in Italian and translate roughly into: 

1. Slow. Very Swift - A slow introduction bursts into the fast part.

2. Wide

3. Very Lively

4. Lively with Fire


As you can tell these markings are quite vague to say the least. In most popular music now a days a "click" is employed. That is, a metronome beats exactly to coordinate between all the various tracks (coincidentally 95% of tracks are either 120bpm or 100bpm, check it out). I think one of the most wonderful things about classical despite its rigid reputation, is the necessary flexibility and sensuality in every performance. In a way, the many rules and detailed music scores create the perfect environment for creativity, every performance almost flexes time.

I'll leave you with an image. Classical music is like driving with a shift stick- all the cool kids are doing it. 



Program notes written by Daniel Zinn.


Eric Umble


DJ Eric Umble is based in Brooklyn and enjoys spinning minimal, melodic, and dark techno. Eric discovered his love of dance music and techno in the clubs of New York City and Berlin. A practitioner of classical music, Eric's love of primal repetition and long forms led to the study and subsequent obsession with the works of Steve Reich and La Monte Young. The jump to DJing from classical music was a natural next step. He is heavily influenced by Victor Calderone, Mary Youzovskaya, Femanyst, and Nicole Moudaber. Eric has performed at club H0L0, and he releases a monthly live mix on SoundCloud. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


Eric Umble is also a versatile, award-winning clarinetist hailed as "lovely," (New York Arts) and known for his "... nuanced and coloristic playing." (The Clarinet). Eric enjoys a diverse international career as a soloist, chamber musician, orchestral player, and music educator. An advocate for and avid performer of contemporary music, he is the founding member of SoundMind, sTem, DuoHelix, Wavefield, and Pink Noise ensembles; all champion music by living composers. For more information visit 


ft. Melanie Tomsky


Melanie Tomsky is a classical musician and abstract expressionist painter from Brooklyn, New York. She has performed as a classical violist, pianist, and performance artist at various venues throughout NYC. As an orchestral violist she has played with The Juilliard Prep Orchestra, with The Mannes Orchestra at Alice Tully Hall, and as an accomplished chamber musician she has performed as a violist in The French Alps, Vermont, NYC and more. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Ever since discovering a love for painting in 2015, Melanie is driven to pursue other creative fields like visual art and acting.⠀⠀

Special Thanks

New School USS

America Israel Culture Foundation

New School Student Leadership 

Austin East Cider

Mannes School of Music

Orchestra Players

 Conductor: Louis Arques




*Daniel Zinn // Concertmaster

*Raphael Papo

Cesare Zanfini

Thomas Purcell

Adam von Hausen

Aurora Mendez Irizarry

Bryant Denmark

Yejin Nikki Kim

Melanie Haskins

Eliano Braz

Melanie Haskins

Nathan Kamal

Elisabeth Mandic Nowac

Liz Merrifield

Thomas Purcell

Roger Shao

Lucy Voin

Cesare Zanfini





*Adam Kramer

Kate Barmotina

Santiago Del Castillo 

Kat Lawhead

Will Marshall

David Shann





*Christine Chen

Ezra Escobar

Christopher James

Thea Mesirow

Lydia Paulos

Federico Strand Ramirez


Double Bass 


*Michael Levin

Griffin Meinbresse

Dario Olachea

Oboe and English Horn

*Erin Lensing

*ChanMi Kim

Jason Smoller




*Kat Lopes

Jackie Traish




*David Valbuena

William Birkbeck




*Pierre Lidar

Devin Cohen


French Horns


*William Bard

Kevin Newton

Blair Hamrick

Sarah Konvalin




Matthew Jermiason

Dave Joseph

Nathan Wood




*Walter Cano

John Otten


Timpani and Percussion


*David Rozenblatt

Allan Randall

NewOrch Staff

Artistic Director // Daniel Zinn

Orchestra Manager // Louis Arques

Development Manager // Christine Chen







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IG: @neworch

FB: neworch

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