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Naturally Interesting

The more I work with people, the clearer I understand that the mission of our orchestra is to find the most pleasant and natural way to produce deep listening. In our wonderfully turbulent times, so much is happening at the same time, and every little thing that we do gets a thinner slice of our attention pie. We have 30 conversations with friends all going on at the same time through social media, 30 new restaurants every week, bajillion new cuisines, 50 new songs every day, and yet we are less less satisfied with it all.

Probably needless to say, but here we go, it's not what or how much, but how we consume. To keep it short in this post, if we can introduce to our listeners a format, through which they can have a meaningful listening experience with as little effort as possible, then we have succeeded.

One of the ways people do that already, whether they know it or not, is hiking, going to a cafe, vacation or anything of that sort. What they are doing, is creating an environment, to experience their life in a new way. For instance ,it's easier for me to relax and live the moment, when I'm in a tent in the middle of nowhere, with no perspective of meeting people anytime soon, for other people it's something else.

The point is, that we as a cultural experience can change the space to fit better the listening experience.

See you soon!

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